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ManglerAdmin Class Reference

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class  adminCheckModelColumns
class  banModelColumns
class  rankModelColumns

Public Member Functions

void accountAdded (v3_account *account)
void accountRemoved (uint32_t acctid)
void accountRemoved (v3_account *account)
void accountUpdated (v3_account *account)
void banList (uint16_t id, uint16_t count, uint16_t bitmask_id, uint32_t ip_address, char *user, char *by, char *reason)
void channelAdded (v3_channel *channel)
void channelRemoved (uint32_t chanid)
void channelRemoved (v3_channel *channel)
void channelResort (void)
void channelSort (bool manual)
void channelUpdated (v3_channel *channel)
void clear (void)
void clearBans (void)
void clearChannels (void)
void clearRanks (void)
void clearUsers (void)
void hide (void)
 ManglerAdmin (Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::Builder > builder)
void permsUpdated (bool refresh=false)
void rankAdded (v3_rank *rank)
void rankRemoved (uint16_t rankid)
void rankRemoved (v3_rank *rank)
void rankUpdated (v3_rank *rank)
void serverSettingsSendDone (void)
void serverSettingsUpdated (v3_server_prop &prop)
void show (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static Glib::ustring trimString (Glib::ustring s)

Public Attributes

bool isOpen

Protected Member Functions

void adminWindow_hide_cb (void)
void adminWindow_show_cb (void)
void BanAdd_clicked_cb (void)
void BanEditorTree_cursor_changed_cb (void)
void BanRemove_clicked_cb (void)
void BanUpdate_clicked_cb (void)
void ChannelAdd_clicked_cb (void)
void ChannelProtMode_changed_cb (void)
void ChannelRemove_clicked_cb (void)
int channelSortFunction (const Gtk::TreeModel::iterator &left, const Gtk::TreeModel::iterator &right)
void ChannelTree_cursor_changed_cb (void)
void ChannelUpdate_clicked_cb (void)
void ChannelVoiceMode_changed_cb (void)
void clearBanEditor (void)
void clearRankEditor (void)
void CloseButton_clicked_cb (void)
void copyToCheckbutton (const char *widgetName, bool src)
void copyToCombobox (const char *widgetName, uint32_t src, uint32_t deflt=0)
void copyToEntry (const char *widgetName, Glib::ustring src)
void copyToSpinbutton (const char *widgetName, uint32_t src)
Gtk::TreeModel::Row getAccount (uint32_t id, Gtk::TreeModel::Children children)
void getAdminCheckTree (Gtk::TreeModel::Children children, uint16_t *&chanids, int &chan_count)
void getAdminCheckTree (Gtk::TreeModel::Children children, std::vector< uint16_t > &chanids)
Gtk::TreeModel::Row getChannel (uint32_t id, Gtk::TreeModel::Children children, bool hasCheckbox=false)
Glib::ustring getChannelPathString (uint32_t id, Gtk::TreeModel::Children children)
bool getFromCheckbutton (const char *widgetName)
uint32_t getFromCombobox (const char *widgetName, uint32_t deflt=0)
Glib::ustring getFromEntry (const char *widgetName)
uint32_t getFromSpinbutton (const char *widgetName)
Gtk::TreeModel::iterator getRank (uint16_t id, Gtk::TreeModel::Children children)
void LoadCodecFormats (void)
void loadUserTemplates (void)
void populateChannelEditor (const v3_channel *channel)
void populateUserEditor (const v3_account *account, bool isTemplate=false)
void queue_resize (Gtk::TreeView *treeview)
void RankAdd_clicked_cb (void)
void RankEditorTree_cursor_changed_cb (void)
void RankRemove_clicked_cb (void)
void RankUpdate_clicked_cb (void)
void ServerUpdate_clicked_cb (void)
void setAdminCheckTree (Gtk::TreeModel::Children children, uint16_t *chanids, int chan_count)
void setWidgetSensitive (const char *widgetName, bool widgetSens=true)
bool statusbarPop (void)
void statusbarPush (Glib::ustring msg)
void UserAdd_clicked_cb (void)
void UserAdminButton_toggled_cb (void)
void UserChanAdminButton_toggled_cb (void)
void UserChanAuthButton_toggled_cb (void)
void UserDisplayButton_toggled_cb (void)
void UserInfoButton_toggled_cb (void)
void UserNetworkButton_toggled_cb (void)
void UserRemove_clicked_cb (void)
void UserTemplate_changed_cb (void)
void UserTemplateDelete_clicked_cb (void)
void UserTemplateLoad_clicked_cb (void)
void UserTemplateSave_clicked_cb (void)
void UserTransmitButton_toggled_cb (void)
void UserTree_cursor_changed_cb (void)
void UserUpdate_clicked_cb (void)

Protected Attributes

ManglerAdmin::adminCheckModelColumns adminCheckRecord
Gtk::Notebook * adminNotebook
adminModelColumns adminRecord
Gtk::Statusbar * AdminStatusbar
Gtk::Window * adminWindow
Gtk::FileFilter all_filter
Gtk::Arrow * arrow
Gtk::VBox * BanEditor
banModelColumns BanEditorColumns
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > BanEditorModel
Gtk::TreeView * BanEditorTree
uint16_t BanNetmaskDefault
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > BanNetmaskModel
ManglerAdmin::banModelColumns banRecord
Gtk::HBox * BansTab
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::Builder > builder
Gtk::Button * button
Gtk::Button * ChannelAdd
bool ChannelAdded
adminModelColumns ChannelCodecColumns
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > ChannelCodecModel
Gtk::VBox * ChannelEditor
adminModelColumns ChannelEditorColumns
Gtk::TreeView * ChannelEditorTree
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > ChannelEditorTreeModel
adminModelColumns ChannelFormatColumns
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > ChannelFormatModel
adminModelColumns ChannelProtColumns
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > ChannelProtModel
Gtk::Button * ChannelRemove
bool channelSortManual
Gtk::Alignment * ChannelsTab
Gtk::Button * ChannelUpdate
adminModelColumns ChannelVoiceColumns
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > ChannelVoiceModel
Gtk::CheckButton * checkbutton
Gtk::ComboBox * combobox
uint32_t currentBanIP
uint32_t currentChannelID
uint32_t currentChannelParent
uint16_t currentRankID
uint32_t currentUserID
Gtk::Entry * entry
Gtk::Label * label
Gtk::VBox * RankEditor
rankModelColumns RankEditorColumns
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > RankEditorModel
bool RankEditorOpen
Gtk::TreeView * RankEditorTree
ManglerAdmin::rankModelColumns rankRecord
Gtk::Alignment * RanksTab
Gtk::Alignment * ServerTab
Gtk::SpinButton * spinbutton
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > SrvChanOrderModel
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > SrvChatFilterModel
bool SrvEditorOpen
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > SrvInactActionModel
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > SrvInactChannelModel
bool SrvIsNotUpdating
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > SrvSpamFilterChannelModel
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > SrvSpamFilterChatModel
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > SrvSpamFilterCommentModel
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > SrvSpamFilterTTSModel
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > SrvSpamFilterWaveModel
guint StatusbarCount
time_t StatusbarTime
Gtk::FileChooserDialog * tmpldialog
Glib::ustring tmpldir
Gtk::ToggleButton * togglebutton
Gtk::FileFilter tpl_filter
Gtk::Button * UserAdd
Gtk::VBox * UserAdminSection
adminCheckModelColumns UserChanAdminColumns
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > UserChanAdminModel
Gtk::TreeView * UserChanAdminTree
adminCheckModelColumns UserChanAuthColumns
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > UserChanAuthModel
Gtk::TreeView * UserChanAuthTree
adminModelColumns UserDefaultChannelColumns
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > UserDefaultChannelModel
Gtk::VBox * UserDisplaySection
adminModelColumns UserDuplicateIPsColumns
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > UserDuplicateIPsModel
Gtk::VBox * UserEditor
adminModelColumns UserEditorColumns
bool UserEditorOpen
Gtk::TreeView * UserEditorTree
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > UserEditorTreeModel
Gtk::Table * UserInfoSection
Gtk::VBox * UserNetworkSection
adminModelColumns UserOwnerColumns
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > UserOwnerModel
adminModelColumns UserRankColumns
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > UserRankModel
Gtk::Button * UserRemove
Gtk::Alignment * UsersTab
Gtk::ComboBox * UserTemplate
adminModelColumns UserTemplateColumns
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::TreeStore > UserTemplateModel
Gtk::VBox * UserTransmitSection
Gtk::Button * UserUpdate
Gtk::Widget * widget


class adminChannelStore

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