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ManglerChannelTree Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool _getUser (const Gtk::TreeModel::iterator &iter, uint32_t id, Gtk::TreeModel::iterator *r_iter)
void _refreshAllChannels (Gtk::TreeModel::Children children)
void _refreshAllUsers (Gtk::TreeModel::Children children)
void addChannel (uint8_t protect_mode, uint32_t id, uint32_t parent_id, Glib::ustring name, Glib::ustring comment="", Glib::ustring phonetic="")
void addPhantomMenuItem_activate_cb (void)
void addUser (uint32_t id, uint32_t channel, Glib::ustring name, Glib::ustring comment="", Glib::ustring phonetic="", Glib::ustring url="", Glib::ustring integration_text="", bool guest=false, bool phantom=false, Glib::ustring rank="")
void banUserMenuItem_activate_cb (void)
void channelView_buttonpress_event_cb (GdkEventButton *event)
void channelView_columns_changed_cb (void)
void channelView_row_activated_cb (const Gtk::TreeModel::Path &path, Gtk::TreeViewColumn *column)
void clear (void)
void collapse_all (void)
void copyCommentMenuItem_activate_cb (void)
void copyURLMenuItem_activate_cb (void)
void expand_all (void)
void forgetChannelSavedPassword (uint16_t channel_id)
Gtk::TreeModel::Row getChannel (uint32_t id, Gtk::TreeModel::Children children)
Glib::ustring getChannelSavedPassword (uint16_t channel_id)
Glib::ustring getLastTransmit (uint16_t userid)
Gtk::TreeModel::Row getUser (uint32_t id)
uint16_t getUserChannelId (uint16_t userid)
bool isMuted (uint16_t userid)
void kickUserMenuItem_activate_cb (void)
 ManglerChannelTree (Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::Builder > builder)
void muteUserChannelMenuItem_activate_cb (void)
void muteUserGlobalMenuItem_activate_cb (void)
void muteUserMenuItem_activate_cb (void)
void muteUserToggle (uint16_t userid)
void pageUserMenuItem_activate_cb (void)
void privateChatMenuItem_activate_cb (void)
void queue_resize (void)
void refreshAllChannels ()
void refreshAllUsers ()
void refreshChannel (uint32_t id)
void refreshUser (uint32_t id)
void removeChannel (uint32_t id)
void removePhantomMenuItem_activate_cb (void)
void removeUser (uint32_t id)
void setChannelSavedPassword (uint16_t channel_id, Glib::ustring password)
void setDefaultChannelMenuItem_activate_cb (void)
void setLastTransmit (uint16_t userid, Glib::ustring last_transmit)
void setUserIcon (uint16_t id, Glib::ustring color, bool updateLastTransmit=false)
int sortFunction (const Gtk::TreeModel::iterator &a, const Gtk::TreeModel::iterator &b)
void updateChannel (uint8_t protect_mode, uint32_t id, uint32_t parent_id, Glib::ustring name, Glib::ustring comment, Glib::ustring phonetic)
void updateLobby (Glib::ustring name, Glib::ustring comment="", Glib::ustring phonetic="")
void updateUser (uint32_t id, uint32_t parent_id, Glib::ustring name, Glib::ustring comment, Glib::ustring phonetic, Glib::ustring url, Glib::ustring integration_text, bool guest, bool phantom, Glib::ustring rank="")
void userSettingsMenuItem_activate_cb (void)
void userSettingsWindow (Gtk::TreeModel::Row row)
void volumeAdjustment_value_changed_cb (uint16_t id)
Glib::ustring volumevscale_format_value_cb (double value)

Public Attributes

Gtk::TreeView * channelView
Gtk::Label * label
Gtk::LinkButton * linkbutton
Gtk::Menu * rcmenu_channel
Gtk::Menu * rcmenu_user
sigc::connection signalChannelMute
sigc::connection signalDefaultChannel
sigc::connection signalGlobalMute
sigc::connection signalMute
bool sortManual
Gtk::VBox * vbox
Gtk::Adjustment * volumeAdjustment
sigc::connection volumeAdjustSignalConnection
Gtk::VScale * volumevscale
Gtk::Window * window

Private Member Functions

void renderCellData (Gtk::CellRenderer *cell, const Gtk::TreeModel::iterator &iter)

Private Attributes

Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::Builder > builder
Gtk::TreeModel::iterator channelIter
channelModelColumns channelRecord
Gtk::TreeModel::Row channelRow
Glib::RefPtr< ManglerChannelStorechannelStore
Gtk::CheckMenuItem * checkmenuitem
Gtk::TreeViewColumn * column
Gtk::MenuItem * menuitem
Gtk::CellRendererPixbuf * pixrenderer
Gtk::CellRendererText * textrenderer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 85 of file channeltree.h.

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